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Ioanian Islands Boat Tickets:

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Piraeus is Greece’s largest port

Piraeus port is by far the natural and Greece’s biggest port. From Piraeus you will find departures to Cyclades, Dodecanese, Crete, and North Aegean Islands. Port is accessible from almost every big region in Athens via train, Metro or Bus. Bookmark our page to have your Athens public transportation map always available to your phone.

If you have arrived at the airport of Eleftherios Venizelos and want to go to Piraeus Port you have the following choices:

A. Find a metro route to Monastiraki, you will find ISAP green line, which will take you to Piraeus (end of green line)

B. if you prefer you can hop on to bus X96, which will get you into the port in matter of 1 hour depends on traffic conditions

C. Book a taxy online or get a taxy outside the airport. Prices,
A. 8 euro/pp
B. 5 euro/pp
C. 35-45 euro for up to 3 person and also depending on how many luggage you have.

It is very important to know before you arrive in Piraeus port the gate your ship is boarding at; Most of the times gate depends on destination, so please take some time and check the gate from our map bellow. Also for your information there is a free of charge public bus that will transfer you from gate to gate for free.
Here is a map that will be helpful to you:

E1 – Dodecanese-Dhodhekánisos
E2 – Chios, Crete, Ikaria,
Samos, Mytilene,
E3 – Cythera, Crete
(Vehicles entrance)
E4 – Cythera
(Exit of vehicles)
E5 – Departure Bus station
E6 – Rethymno, Cyclades
E7 – Rethymno, Cyclades
E8 – Argolic Gulf of Greece
E9 – Cyclades, Ikaria, Samos
E10 – Cyclades, Ikaria, Samos


Finally we would like to tell you that if you haven’t booked your ticket in advance and you definitely want to visit an island in the last minute, go to the port, prepare yourself to spend some more time searching via an travel agent and to visit your favorite destination, Greece is all about beautiful beaches and relaxing vacations, enjoy them as much as you can!
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