Crete is nowadays one of the most favorite islands for holidays – both Greeks’ and foreign visitors’. The island offers modern tourist infrastructure, but also activities all year round. You will discover unique landscapes, beaches and attractions. You can very easily travel from the port of Piraeus in modern passenger ferries. Visit the capital of Crete, Heraklion and experience unforgettable holidays. Explore Chania, Rethymno, Sitia, but also the rest of Crete and discover unique landscapes and amazing beaches.

The island has a history of thousands of years and it is full with treasures from the past, archaeological monuments and several museums full with impressive exhibits. A visit to Knossos, the Minoan Palaces and the Venetian forts will impress you. The largest prefectures of Crete have archaeological and history museums and display immense collections of vessels, frescoes and statues from various chronological periods of the island.

Crete is indeed an excellent and a very strong combination of yesterday with today. The customs and traditions of the island, which the locals have kept alive through the years, along with the modern lifestyle, the tourist resorts, the sea sports and the intense nightlife, present the ideal destination for holidays, relaxation and fun.

Crete is the deep blue color of the sea, the deep blue sky, the warm sun, the mountains, the plains and the hospitable and proud islanders that live there. Visit the island of Crete and let yourselves enjoy the magic that surrounds it.