Kalymnos Island

Kalymnos, the well known island of sponge divers, waits to offer you an excellent stay for your holidays. The island is especially loved by the ones that choose to go camping, climbing and diving. The beautiful beaches of Kalymnos as well as its even more beautiful sea riches make the island stand out. The crystal clear waters and the sea sports offered at the beaches of Kalymnos will impress you. Panormos, Linaria, Masouri, Myrties, Elies and Platys Gialos are a few of the amazing beaches in Kalymnos. There are plenty of museums as well as several churches and monasteries with unique architecture in Kalymnos. Additionally, if you love history and mythology, you will find numerous archaeological sites to visit in Kalymnos. You will find most of the restaurants and bars in Pothia, the island’s capital. Nightlife in Kalymnos may not be frantic but you will find a place that suits you to relax, listen to music and enjoy your drinks. During your stay in Kalymnos, taste the local delicacies, the local sweets and buy sponges and honey. Kalymnos is being developed constantly and the island residents offer visitors modern comforts.You will spend unforgettable holidays in Kalymnos and you will enjoy every minute so wait no more, book your ferry tickets now.

The Kalymnos Port

There are frequent ferry departures from the Piraeus port for the Kalymnos port and the journey, including stops at other islands as well, lasts about 10 hours. In fact, booking your boat tickets via Greeceport.com your journey will be more comfortable and carefree. The port and Pothia, the island’s capital, have a scenic, island character and lots of locals. There are lots of hotels, rooms to let, cafes, restaurants and shops near the port.

Connection With Other Islands

Kalymnos has a ferry connection with the following ports:  Piraeus (Athens), Astypalaia, Chios, Kastelorizo, Kos, Leros, Lipsi, Lesvos, Naxos, Nisyros, Paros, Patmos, Rhodes, Samos, Symi, Thessaloniki, Tilos.

Ferry Tickets

You can now book ferry tickets online for Kalymnos via Greeceport.com. If you plan to travel during July and August, it’s best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

Transportation in Kalymnos
There are several buses departing from Pothia, the island’s capital, for the surrounding villages and beaches. However, you can also travel by taxi or a vehicle. You will find car and motorbike or even bicycle rental agencies in Kalymnos.

Kalymnos Guide / Information

The climbing centre of Europe is located between Kos and Leros, and it is the island with the best divers in the Mediterranean since many centuries! Whether you’re fond of diving or climbing, you are at the right place!


With more than 1,300 organised climbing routes, Kalymnos is ranked among the top climbing destinations in the world. For the moment, there are about 80 organized fields south and mainly west orientation , with varying degrees of difficulty. For the majority of the routes there is a very easy access, short walk, which, combined with the mild climate of the island and the shocking scenery of the Aegean Sea, have made Kalymnos characterized by the specialized international press as  ‘paradise garden’!

Moreover, with such a big tradition in sponges, this island is a paradise for those who love diving!  The Kalymnos diving Festival, each year includes … everything!  Free games and scuba diving, demonstrations of diving methods, underwater treasure hunt for budding young divers, diving to shipwrecks and caves, documentaries with sponge divers, diving with skandalopetra, a traditional way with derived from the ancient years.

Worth to visit

Pothia, the port and the capital of the island, with its homes and often its mansions spreading out amphitheatrically on two hills. In the Church of Christ, the icons were created by the Alachuzo and Magkli. The library and the cultural centre are two of the most important buildings in the area. The port Vathi. The whole area hides  unexplored caves , old churches and the castle of Virgin Kira Psili built in a rock. The brand new Archaeological Museum of Kalimnos, Pothia, unravels the rich history of the island, starting from Neolithic findings to the Byzantine Kalimnos. Bronze statues  of unique beauty were recovered from shipwrecks, with the ‘Lady of Kalimnos ‘ stealing all the glow. Chorio or else Chora, the old capital of the island, built in the middle of a valley, away from the sea of the pirates. Here you will see the Byzantine church of Virgin Charitomeni, with the famous woodcut iconostasis. It is also so called Virgin of Tsikudies. Here lies the castle of Kalymnos: today survives the perimeter wall and from the settlement of its interior parts of houses, as well as ten small temples.

The picturesque village of Panormos, built in a green location. The area has been inhabited since ancient times. The private Museum of Maritime Discoveries-Valsamides in Vlichádia. A part of the museum is dedicated to the profession of sponge and includes all the tools that were used by divers from 1872 until today.


The thyme honey, the mandarins of the valley of Vathi, the kopanisti and the white cheese of Kalimnos are the main products that you can taste on the island of Kalimnos. Taste also, sundried lobster tail, skates preserved in salt water, and fried rabbit with garlic sauce or muri, stuffed lamb baked enclosed in a clay pot with a lid made of clay, eptazimo bread with anise and ouzo and barley coils (nuts that were made for the sponge divers) or ‘mirmizeli’, when accompanied with oil, tomato and cheese. And all these together with the local sweet wine ‘anama’, from Sun-dried Muscat.

Happy Holidays in the beautiful Kalymnos!!!