The magical Alonissos is the island of relaxation and serenity, offering refreshing holidays to its visitors. This beautiful island, with its unbelievable beaches, may not have a lively nightlife but will offer you excitements you will not find elsewhere easily. You can see the monachus monachus seals as well as dolphins at the Alonissos national sea park. The rich sea world around the Alonissos is filled with countless archaeological findings. There are several isolated beaches, some accessed by car and some by boat. Taste all the local specialties and enjoy the local wine. The holidays in Alonissos are going to be exciting so book now your ferry tickets and live some unique moments on the wonderful island of the Sporades Islands.

The Alonissos Port
There are regular ferry departures for the Alonissos port from Agios Konstantinos as well as Volos and the journey lasts 4 hours. In order to ensure that you will enjoy a wonderful and comfortable journey, book your tickets online via The Alonissos port, Patitiri, which is also the capital of the island, is a newly-built settlement, with a beautiful beach and several taverns. Patitiri is preferred by most of the tourists as it is the main port.

Connection With Other Islands
Alonissos has a ferry connection with the following ports: Agios Konstantinos, Volos, Skiathos, Skopelos, Skyros

Ferry Tickets
You can now book ferry tickets online for Alonissos via If you plan to travel during July and August, it’s best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

A bus departs from Patitiri, the island port, for some of the other parts of the island but other than that, there is no other means of transportation. Consequently, the best way to explore Alonissos is to rent a vehicle, preferably a car, as the roads are quite steep for motorcycles and bicycles.

Different air!

The cosmopolitan air, the atmosphere, the beauty. All these and many more, one can find on the lovely Alonissos. Destination for a quiet holiday, with ecological and not only concerns … rewards the visitor who wants to take long walks, to enjoy the sea and the local gastronomy. Patitiri (winepress), the Harbour, stands out for its disordered architecture and the colorful landscapes. Don’t miss a day trip-tour to the deserted islands of the Marine Park. The Old Village or Chora, is the old capital of the island which was depopulated after a big earthquake.

It is also worthwhile to visit Giura, a little mountainous island in which you can go by boat. There, you can admire the cave of the Cyclops, always accompanied by a guide. On the island lives a rare species of wild goat, which is likened to the KRI-Kri in Crete. Kyra Panagia –, is the only island that surrounds the inhabited Alonissos. On the island you’ll see the monastery of Virgin Mary of the 16th century. It’s also worthwile to swim at the beaches of Agios Petros and Planitis.

Moreover, a beautiful but isolated beach of the island is Agios Dimitrios. Certainly, the beach has a fanatical believers. As regards the landscape you are about to meet you when visiting the beach, it has white pebbles, a light blue seabed and it’s facing the inside of a bay. It is an organized beach with umbrellas and deck chairs, it has a canteen and nearby there are taverns. Other beaches that distinguish, are Votsi and Roussoum Gialos.

Don’t forget to taste the delicious pies of Alonissos, like tiropita(cheesepie) and tiganopita made with traditional recipes. Also, distinct flavors from the island are kakavia, donuts or else foyskakia, the rice pudding and the pecan pie. Also taste grouper stew!

Happy Holidays in Alonissos!!!